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presents for me!

So x-mas and my b-day rocked. i love everyone! i got a bench grinder, so awesome. now the dremmel is for cutting only! my mommy and brother and sister and bob and george got me a shopping vaca to the outlets which i'm SOOO excited for. hotel, gas, dinner, car munchies, and lotsa $$$. and the entire 2006 Wizard of Oz Barbie set, which is on e-bay for $250+, lol. oh and i got the only 4 Anne Rice books that i didn't have in hard cover, so my collection is complete.

oh yeah, and pat got me a new D&B back which is super cute and guess what was inside? my ring. yep, my rock is back on my finger. *sparkle sparkle*

now i have to go to work cuz it's not my b-day anymore.
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