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Ladies and Gents...

...Your Mistress Has Arrived...

9/23/06 01:36 pm - uh oh...

Houston, we [may] have a problem...


9/15/06 10:32 pm - happy thoughts!

1) i got my busk order today!!!!!! 60 of them!!! 2) i went out to my car and there were toads on my porch! at least 10 of them! i caught 1 and played with him for a few them let him go. 3) i get to see my boy tonight!!! i havent seen him all week cuz my work schedule sucked. 4) only 46 more days till halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/13/06 03:28 pm - yay!

jess is coming over today! jess is coming over today!

i'm gonna make her pattern for HER mermaid costume and yay!

September 13... thats like 45 days left so i'm SO ahead of the game!

yay again!

9/5/06 09:16 am - like woah!

so i just pulled an all-nighter and i'm still not tired so i'm not going to bed until i am!


started because i made these really cute black cotton bloomers. i then thought i should make a top / short chemise (if there is such a thing i dont know...). so now i have wicked cute PJ's!

then i wanted to rip more cd's onto my computer. 124 down, 58 or so to go.

then i worked on my halloween costume. i finished the skirt and tail on friday and didnt really work on it much since then. i FINALLY got the pattern for the top to fit the way i wanted it to! so, i got the pink shiney fabric from the attic and cut it all out. and the lining. now the layers are pinned together waiting for me to sew it up!

now i'm on break. i think i want a piece of nana bread. not sure yet.

i know i want to get my nails done at some point today, and call my dadderoo, and finish my costume!!! i cant wait for it to be done. as it is i already love my skirt/tail so much i try it on every day and wear it around the house for a few. lol, yeah, i'm a dork.

oh yeah, i braided my hair too sometime last night.

yep, bipolar is fun sometimes.

8/7/06 03:46 am - yay and nay

yay: got my new tattoo and its awesome and i love it

nay: my fever broke, again, and i feel nausious, again.

7/29/06 01:43 am - Summer Luau / Pre OzzFest Party!

Woah, its finally here!!!

I'm so excited! It has been absolutely CRAZY getting ready for this thing. We bought a wicked cute tiki-bar for the deck, so that meant i needed to make a HUGE packie-run to stock it! Pat and I went to NH (we took the scenic route, lol) and found the greatest place in the world.. The New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet! Let me just say, everything is 1/2 what it costs here in CT, so I bought twice as much alcohol!

I sewed 2 outfits for the day. I have a cute halter sun dress and then a wrap around skirt / tie back top for with my swim suit! I used a wicked cute purple and blue hula print.

I cleaned! I cleaned my entire house. Jess and Tony are once again staying on my black furry couch's sofa bed. (you guys are excited, you can say it... lol)

Since 987 people are staying over and will be here for breakfast, most of which will be hungover, I am cooking a HUGE breakfast Sunday morning for everyone before OzzFest! French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, english muffins, fruit, OJ, and coffee! All on the BBQ of course.

I can't wait, only 12 hours till Keg-Tapping Time!

Oh yeah, I'm bar tending. I have 2 blenders on the bar for margaritas, pina colladas, mudslides, and daqueries(sp? lol). My bar ware set is all ready for the whiskey sours, sex on the beach, and chilled shots. Red bull for Jager Bombs. Cherries, lemons, and limes for drinks.

Yeah, I'm getting trashed.

And FALLOUT is playing.

Then OzzFest. All the left over alcohol is coming for the tail gating.

I'll be posting pics, dont worry!

5/23/06 04:52 pm - My Day Off.

So, I have a giant list of stuff to do today and tomorrow because I actuall have TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW!

So far off of my giant list, I have cleaned my car.

But that was fun because I found my address book from 7th grade in the glove box. I was so happy. It's adorable... black with purple writing that says "I'm not a slut, I'm popular".

Now I have numbers for people I haven't talked to since 1998. I'll be calling a few tomorrow.

PS: Jess and Tony up in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Jess with a baby carriage!

Yeah, I'm 12.

5/18/06 01:39 pm - grommets!!!

yeah, they came in the mail today. i have bunches. lik, 18 gross. that means i can poke 2592 holes. *drool*

5/18/06 12:52 pm - OMG! It's official!

I'm so excited. I will be opening a business in 2010. Seems like a long time from now, but when you consider all the planning involved, it will be a busy 3.5 years.

Tore, Elle, and myself are planning to open our very own sewing shop. We will be creating and selling our custom designs. I've been talking about it ina less-than-serious way for over a year now, but it's really going to happen!

Ok, back to work for me now. I'm in research mode.

With butterflies in my tummy.

5/14/06 10:11 pm


ok see myspace, lol.

i miss Pat.
he needs to come back to my house.
please and thank you.
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