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(rebelling against subject lines again)

last night was gwar! i got trashed, covered in blood, and took a ton of pics. they are on myspace and i'm lazy so you have to look there if you want to see them.

jess and i went up to mount ida to watch her big little bro coach football. i swear you could bounce a quarter off that kids ass...

halloween costumes are done for the most part, just have to finish up the boy's jacket.

after halloween i'm not sewing for a while. i NEED to work on my carpentry. its taking every bit of self control i have now to finish sewing and not make a dresser or ouija board or anything out of wood.

i have to get the flyers for the food drive ready tomorrow. blah. i love helping people, but no one else in the department is doing anything to get this rolling.

i still hate that bitch. whether i know her or not, there aren't that many people who can annoy me just by being present. high school drama? nope. if it was high school i'd still be under 18 and would have beat her ass out of everyone's life. no, definately not high school.

i might quit smoking. not sure yet, but maybe. its not a physical chemical addiction with me, so i know i can, i have before, i just like it. gross for the rest of world maybe, but i like it.

pat told me last night that he'll marry me before he goes on tour in march. it wont be our big crazy ceremony we've been planning, but i'm still excited. i just wanna get married. i can wait for the dress and flowers and cake.

i'm gonna go play WoW now since my bf (finace? lol) ditched me and wentto deicide without me. only 18 lvls to go by 12/10. then i get the expansion pack. yep. i'm a WoW geek, i don't care.
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