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ok so i woke up to find that the server maintenance on my game was extended, BOO! but that was ok cuz it forced me to actually get stuff done, like wrap presents, laundry, etc.

then it was 4:30! yay! jess met me here and she went with me to my photoshoot thingie at Jeremy's! 3 cheers for new tattoo pics! i was even more excited to hear that a few guys in a few bands i like are going to be in the same book! like, page 32, anna's ink, page 35, "insert name here" of the band "blah blah"'s ink. neat!

so then i got home and the server came back up at 10 so i played till like midnight. now i'm talkin on AIM, which i never do. catching up on the good ole days is always fun.

tomorrow... well, work, not sure what else though.

ok g'night now!
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